Laura Ordile is a Master Hypnotist specializing in Anxiety and Confidence as well as trauma including PTSD, CPTSD in her programs. She is certified in a number of areas including Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Color Coaching, Life Coaching, and more. As happens so often in life, the adventures of it all have carried her into many and varied ways of working with others to bring them to where they want to be as the happiest version of themselves.

Life without limits is something she believes in intensely and brings to her own life as well as others! Laura has the ability to guide you to a place of happiness and contentment with her many years of experience in helping others to get to just that place. Whether moving through storms of change, or just in need of a little help to get out of your own way, there is a way to get to that good and right place when working with her.

Laura lives in Montana enjoying the beauty of the countryside and time spent happily with her family.

If you have any questions about any part of what she does, feel free to reach out and ask. Or book a quick call to spend a few minutes chatting.

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